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Metal geometry Leather belt

Leather waist belt with metalic rings and triangles . Dimensions 3 x 90 cm


Smart Leather Belt

Leather belt "Smart" high waist with gormmet.(3cm x 100cm)


Mezzaluna Leather Belt

Leather belt "Mezzaluna" with round buckle, high waist. Dimansions 9 X 105 cm


«Leather Lace» Elastic Belt

80mm Wide leather belt consisted of elastic band at the backside and cut out lace - like leather. High waisted, it is suggested to be worn on top of a dress for maximum feminine effect. Length 71 cm


Double Side Rivets Leather Belt

 "Double Side Rivets" Leather belt with roller buckle.(5cm x 110cm).


«Zip & Chain» Elastic Leather Belt

80mm wide Leather belt with elastic band at the backside, 2 zippers at the front side and a hanging chain. It combines rock with chic in a versatile way, mostly oriented to evening looks. Length 71 cm


«Blade» Leather Belt

Leather highwaist belt (40mm wide) with studs at the front side. Due to these ornaments, it looks better on top of mono-colour summer clothes. Length 90 cm


«Rhomb Cut and Strass» Elastic Leather belt

80mm Wide leather belt with elastic band at the back side and with rhombus cuts, decorated with strass at the front side. Length 71 cm