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Dollaro Leather Shoulder Bag

Postman style soft leather bag with magnetic button clasp snaps. Dimensions 30x24x10 cm


Geometry Leather bag

Handmade leather oblique folder with tourniquet buckle.(30x13-25x5cm)


Stitchless Leather Sadle bag

Handmade stitchless leather bag. Dimensions: 22cm x 18cm χ 4cm


Saddle striped and hooked Leather Bag

""Oval""shaped Leather Bag snap type ""hook"" and leather strap to hang it on the shoulder or cross. The minimal style and vintage aesthetics combine to create one bag timeless yet contemporary, that will give style to your every look.

Dimentions 25 X 22 X 5 cm


Oval Cut Out Messenger Leather Bag

Leather oval cut-out on top messenger bag, with metalic details and adjustable strap.(21x23x5 cm).


Leather and chain riveted saddle bag

Oval shaped leather bag with a metallic clasp and metallic details in the front. It has a long strap which is a combination of leather and chain in order to be worn on shoulder or crossbody. The minimal style and the innovative design transfuses a special touch. After all, it is a bag you owe to own if you are a fashion enthusiast. Dimentions: 25cm x 22cm x 5cm


Pop leather bag

Handmade oval leather bag with grommets on the cap and a frog clasp. It features a chain to be worn on the shoulder or cross.(20x16x6cm)


Leather bag Incision

Leather bag with two clasps and a long leather strap in order to be worn on shoulder or crossbody. Minimal, though elaborate creation with 6 incisions. A trully unique and innovative design that will make every outfit fashionable. Dimensions: 20cm x 16cm x 6cm